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Our Team

Why Choose Us?

The Sargeants Bayside team are not just experts in property; we're your friendly guides in this journey. We understand the importance of making property transactions not only seamless but enjoyable. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a passion for what we do, ensures that you have a reliable and approachable team by your side.

So, whether you're buying, selling, or simply dreaming about your next property adventure, let us make the process as delightful as finding the perfect home.

Kimberly Reed

Director & Senior Conveyancer

Licensed Conveyancer No. #00355L

Kent Reed

General Manager & Senior Conveyancer

Your Trusted Property Duo - Kim and Kent, a dynamic husband-and-wife team with over 25 years of experience navigating the exciting world of property. Our journey began in Parkdale, and over the years, we've expanded our footprint to Chelsea, Rye, Carnegie, Cheltenham, Brighton, and, most recently, we've set up shop in the Concourse in the picturesque Beaumaris - just a stone's throw away from the bay.

Kim brings a wealth of knowledge from various realms within the property industry. From legal work in conveyancing, to stints in banking and finance, and even real estate ventures, she's seen it all. Her expertise covers the entire spectrum of property dealings, making her an invaluable asset in any transaction.

With a solid foundation in the building industry, Kent has spent two decades in a successful trade business. His extensive experience in construction, combined with knowledge of business management, made him the perfect partner for Kim in growing their conveyancing business.

Our joint experience includes buying and selling our own properties, engaging in new builds and renovations, and venturing into property development and subdivisions. This broad perspective allows us to approach every aspect of the property market with insight and innovation. When we're not immersed in the world of property, you can find us enjoying a variety of outdoor activities. Whether it's exploring new destinations abroad or closer to home, our family and friends are at the core of our lives, and we believe in finding a balance that allows us to appreciate both work and play.

Brooke Downie

Office Manager & Senior Conveyancer

Brooke's journey at Sargeants Bayside began as a junior administrator under Kim Reed's wing. With a detour into real estate administration elsewhere for 5 years, Brooke eventually returned to her roots at Sargeants, accumulating a remarkable 15-year tenure under Kim Reed's guidance. As the Office Manager entrusted with compliance and quality control, Brooke's memory, efficiency, and knack for getting tasks done swiftly earn her well-deserved acclaim. She's the office powerhouse, bringing order in an organised, fun, and efficient manner while making clients' satisfaction her top priority.

Known for her straight-shooting nature and commitment to clearing tasks daily, Brooke's work ethic and attention to detail keep the office buzzing smoothly.

Brooke's passion extends to her love for reading and indulging in gardening or house renovation projects in her spare time.

Having grown up locally, Brooke possesses a keen eye for real estate, particularly in the captivating Bentleigh & Caulfield areas. As Kim and Kent's right-hand person, she's proven time and again that there's nothing she can't handle, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Karen Munn

Senior Conveyancer

Karen, a seasoned legal professional, boasts over two decades of expertise in family law and conveyancing, in Melbourne's legal landscape and a rewarding 2-year London tenure.  Karen's specialisation lies in working closely with developers and buyers on "off the Plan" sales and purchases, an area where her extensive knowledge shines through.

A genuine local, Karen's intimate understanding of Cheltenham and Beaumaris neighbourhoods is complemented by her active community involvement, volunteering at schools and fundraisers. Outside law, she supports the St. Kilda Football Club, cherishes family time, travels, and indulges in culinary experimentation.

With nine years at Sargeants Bayside, Karen isn't just a top conveyancer; she's a dedicated professional known for fostering enduring client connections, evident in her returning clientele and robust referral networks.


Joanna Supple

Senior Conveyancer

Joanna brings nearly 7 years of dedicated service to Sargeants Bayside, backed by an impressive 24-year career in conveyancing, including a substantial stint in the UK spanning 4 years. As a Licensed Conveyancer, she's handled diverse conveyancing files in small to medium-sized solicitor firms, earning a reputation for her exceptional work ethic and efficiency. 

Joanna’s experience spans various conveyancing realms, with a particular focus on intricate matters involving SMSF Transfer, trusts, and complex cases. Clients are drawn to Joanna's expertise and warm rapport, often referring their family, friends, and colleagues, a testament to her standout proficiency. She embraces both the challenges of conveyancing and her role as an information hub, especially regarding PEXA, Victoria's digital settlement platform.

Originally from South England, Joanna remains an passionate supporter of Tottenham Hotspurs in the English Premier League while also rooting for the Collingwood Football Club . Her community spirit shines through her support for the local Parkdale Bowls Club and Mordialloc Football Club, where she spends quality time with family and friends. Outside work, she finds solace in camping, reading, and cozying up around indoor or outdoor fires.

Nicole Parkinson


Nicole is the friendly face and cheerful voice that greets anyone calling or visiting our office—a true delight with an ever-present smile in her voice. Hailing from Bayside herself, she relishes the opportunity to welcome and engage with our clients, ensuring they feel valued and attended to. Her role extends beyond mere reception duties; Nicole manages the flow of activity, directing traffic seamlessly through our bustling office, especially during critical deadlines and settlements. She excels in keeping our clients well-informed and updated, adding a touch of warmth and assurance to their experience.

Outside her bustling work life, Nicole enjoys keeping fit by attending bootcamp classes, enjoys walking her dog along the beach and socialising with friends. Her commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere extends beyond the office, shaping memorable experiences both professionally and in her personal life.